Presentation I: site concept, axonometric.Presentation I: site concept, existing condition.Presentation I: site concept, grid.Presentation I: site concept, untouched buildings.Presentation I: site concept, modified structures.Presentation I: site concept, new structures.Presentation I: site concept, fire towers.Presentation I: site concept, ground condition.Presentation II: preliminary design, axonometric- theatersPresentation II: preliminary design, axonometric- studios.Presentation II: preliminary design, axonometric- skin.Presentation II: preliminary design, axonometric- combination.Presentation II: preliminary design, axonometric - complete drawing.Presentation II: preliminary design, axonometric, ground plan.Presentation II: preliminary design, ground plan.Presentation II: preliminary design, second floor plan.Presentation II: preliminary design, seventh floor plan.Presentation II: preliminary design, section A-A.Presentation II: preliminary design, section B-B.Presentation II: preliminary design, Section C-C.Presentation II: preliminary design, site plan.Presentation III: circulation, plan.Presentation III: circulation, elevations.Presentation III: circulation, cut away axonometric.Final Presentation, ground plan.Final Presentation, typical plan.Final Presentation, section.Final Presentation, section.Final Presentation, section.Final Presentation, axonometric - incomplete.Final Presentation, elements.Final Presentation, elements.Final Presentation, elements.[BLANK][BLANK][BLANK]
A Design IV project beginning with a site analysis and intervention followed by the development of a multi-theater opera house complex in a two block area in New York City, bounded by Sixth Avenue to the west, 26th Street to the north, Broadway to the east, and 24th Street to the south. The initial analysis and intervention explored the rhythmic typology of the site generated by New York City block lines, the local zoning envelope, rear fire escape towers, and so forth while proposing an overlay intervention. The opera house extended the original analysis in a functional format.
Theater Complex
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Program TypesArchitectural ElementsSite
Flatiron District, New York, New York, United States
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