The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture Archive
The Architecture Archive’s mission is to record the School of Architecture’s pedagogy by documenting student work; to provide students with resources that augment and enhance their architectural education; and to produce informative public exhibitions and publications addressing architecture and design.

In 1970 John Hejduk and Roger Canon, AR’70, began documenting student work for the publication of Education of An Architect: A Point of View, which accompanied an exhibition of the same name at the Museum of Modern Art in 1971. Supported by a recommendation of the 1980 National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) Visiting Team, the Archive was established in 1983 and officially became a department of the School of Architecture in 1991. Kim Shkapich, A'80, was its first Director. Steven Hillyer, AR’90, is its current Director.

The Student Work Collection
The Student Work Collection is a photographic archive of student design projects dating from the 1930’s through the present. This material, which is the Architecture Archive’s core collection, documents over 4,000 student projects spanning more than eight decades of architectural pedagogy at The Cooper Union. Much of the collection’s material is design studio work documented for the exhibition and publication Education of an Architect: A Point of View (1971), and its second volume, Education of an Architect (1988). Since then the Architecture Archive has documented, on an annual basis, exemplary student projects selected by faculty for inclusion in the collection. Ongoing project documentation includes images of process drawings, final presentation drawings, architectural models, and supplemental research and visual material.

Digital Access Project
The goals of this project are to: enhance intellectual control over the Collection’s records; enable online digital access to these records; and preserve them via archival rehousing. Project activities are proceeding in two phases over five years. Phase I (October 2016 – September 2019) addresses the Collection’s 20,000+ analog records dating from the 1930s through 1999-00; Phase II (October 2019 – March 2022) and will focus on processing, cataloging for public access, and preserving ~32,000 of the Collection’s born-digital images and text collected from 2000-01 through the present.

PLEASE NOTE: for the Phase I project launch on November 13, 2019, only collection material created through the 1999-00 academic year will be available on the database. This applies to both students and faculty. Records by students and faculty who are represented in the collection after 1999-00 will be published during Phase II as they are digitized and cataloged.

Data Sources and Cataloging Methods
The project author’s name, course, and academic year were recorded upon receiving a student’s submission. Students were also often asked to submit a project title, item order, caption list, and descriptive text. In these cases, title, caption, program, and problem data is sourced from student project documentation itself.

If a project author did not title his or her project, the project is listed with a no title abbreviation: N/T. If no item order was recorded, the project director arranges the images based on content. If a project lacks captions, the project manager generates them on an as needed basis. The project manager also defines architectural elements where applicable.

When project documentation includes a descriptive text and/or captions, the project manager assigns subject terms from The Library of Congress Subject Headings, The Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus and a custom internal vocabulary. If an author has supplied a text, but no abstract, an excerpt of the project text is sometimes recorded as an abstract.

Information compiled for this database, including project-specific metadata and faculty information, has been drawn from several different sources. The Archive is committed to accurately presenting each student project in its online database, and we encourage authors to submit corrections and share missing project information. To do so, please contact Caitlin Biggers.

Rights Summary
All work published on this database is intended exclusively for educational purposes and to contribute to public knowledge. All authors—including students, faculty, and photographers—retain copyrights to their works published in this database. The Archive makes every effort to contact all authors whose work is held in the Collection. If you are an author and the Archive has not contacted you, please contact Caitlin Biggers.

Faculty Records
The database is not a comprehensive accounting of all faculty who have taught architecture at The Cooper Union. Only faculty who taught courses for projects represented in the collection are listed in the database (see below for a full list of architecture faculty at The Cooper Union from 1935–2000).

Faculty information has been gathered from course schedules, studio programs, and grade sheets. Living faculty have provided their own biographical summaries. Biographies for deceased faculty have been compiled and edited by the Archive from cited sources, and when possible, reviewed by the deceased’s family or colleagues. The Archive has not verified the accuracy of cited biographical sources or content provided by faculty.

Faculty List

1935 – 1956

Edwin A. Acker
Mary Amoruso
Robert Anderson
Arnold Arbeit
Louis Axelbank
C. Dale Badgeley
Raymond Barger
Nelson Bartsch
Bertram Bassuk
Adrien L. Beineix
Richard G. Belcher
Peter Blake
Stanley Bogren
Ellen Carney Bojeson
Elizabeth Bonner
Constance Boulard
Carl F. Brauer
Peter W. Bruder
Edwin S. Burdell
Arthur E. Bye
Gaetano Cercere
Carlo Ciampaglia
Harvey Clarkson
Casper P. Colla
Nembhard Culin
Lewis Daniel
Joseph De Chiara
Sidney Delevante
Eugene deLopatecki
Dikran Dingilian
Raymond Dowden
Clarence. W. Dunham
Alvord Eiseman F
rank Ehasz
Stuart E. Eldredge
Samuel Entwistle
Paul Feeley
George H. Ferrenz
Tully Filmus
Clemens Finley
Cornelius M. Flynn
Anna Franke
Sam Glaberson
Charles Gilbert
Sheldon Girsch
Henry A. Goldsmith
Erica Gorecki
Alexander Graham
Frank Greenhaus
Robert Gwathmey
Carol Harrison
Wallace Harrison
Harold M. Heatley
Henry Hebbeln
Catherine B. Heller
Matthew Hiller
Caleb Hornbostel
Robert S. Hutchins
Ruth Hutton
David Hymes
Raymond Jean
Gerhard Kallmann
Morris Kantor
Leo Katz
Serge Klein
Pierre Kleykamp
Donald Kline
Daniel Laitin
Clay Lancaster
Edward Laning
George S. Lewis
Gordon Lorimer
Stanley Lum
Bryan Lynch
Peppino Mangravite
Edmund Marein
Paul Mayen
Yusef Meer
Thomas E. Mc Mullin
Sally Messina
Alvin Meyer
Paul Mitarachi
Alfred E. Munier
Douglas A. Nettleton
Vespucci Petrone
William T. Priestley, Jr.
Walther Prokosch
Austin Purves, Jr.
Bruce Rabenold
Albert Radoczy
Michael L. Radoslovich
Paul Rand
Constance Reed
Charles Rieger
James Rose
Francis W. Roudebush
Charles H. Rudy
Irving Sabo
George Salter
Henriette Schutz
Esmond Shaw
Anatol Shulkin
Anthony P. Smith
Thomas Smith
Richard Snibbe
Richard Boring Snow
W.E.B. Starkweather
Algot Stenbery
Richard Stein
Henry Stone
Byron Thomas
Alan Tompkins
David Turnbull
William Weber
Walter Westervelt
Warren Wheelock
Bertram L. Whinston
Howard Willard
Robert T. Worman
Ben Kenneth Wyatt
Saul Yalkart
Morris Zeitlin
Paul Zucker

Esmond Shaw
Head, Department of Architecture (1956-57 – 1962-63)
Dean, School of Art and Architecture (1963-64 – 1967-68)

1956 – 1965

Dana Vaughan

Full-time and Continuing
Richard Bender
Joseph D’Amelio
John Hejduk
Caleb Hornbostel
Charles Lehmann
Gerhard Kallmann
Pierre Kleykamp
Paul Mitarachi
Esmond Shaw
Bernard Spring
Norval White
Chester J. Wisniewski

Adjunct and Visiting
Arnold Arbeit
Louis Axelbank
Bertram Bassuk
Peter Blake
Harold Breen
Samuel Brody
Peter W. Bruder
Arthur E. Bye
Anthony Candido
Stefano Cusumano
Richard Dattner
Ismar David
Lewis Davis
Joseph De Chiara
Jay Fleischman
Oswaldo Lourenso
Henry Gorlin
Alexander Graham
Frank Greenhaus
Robert Gwathmey
Henry Horowitz
Serge Klein
Edward Knowles
Daniel Laitin
Harry Mahler
Richard Meier
David Oxman
Alan Schwartzman
Richard Stein
Stewart Stiner
Henry Stone
Irving Weiner
Roger Wilcox
Morris Zeitlin
Paul Zucker

John Q. Hejduk
Head, Department of Architecture (1965-66 – 1974-75)
Dean, School of Architecture (1975-76 – 1999-00)

1965 – 2000

Raimund Abraham
Peter W. Bruder
Roger Canon
Peter D. Eisenman
Sue F. Gussow
John Q. Hejduk
Richard Henderson
Diane H. Lewis
Ricardo Scofidio
Ysrael Seinuk
Esmond Shaw
Robert Slutzky
Chester J. Wisniewski
Michael Wurmfeld

Anthony Candido
Roderick Knox
Sean W. Sculley
Regi Weile

Adjunct and Visiting
W. Howard Adams
Diana Agrest
Paul Amatuzzo
Samuel Anderson
John Ashbery
Susan Bacus
Manuel Báez
Richard H. Balser
Bertram Bassuk
Karen Bausman
Carmi Bee
Richard Bender
Mary Beth Betts
Walter Bishop
Kevin Bone
M. Christine Boyer
Lynne Breslin
Jospeh Bressman
Samuel Brody
Raoul Bunschoten
Arthur E. Bye
George Chaikin
Bennett Carlin
Fred Chomowicz
John Clagett
William Clark
John Cohen
Christopher Crompton
Joseph D’Amelio
Richard Dattner
Lewis Davis
Margaret Deamer
Elizabeth Diller
Evan Douglis
Anthony Eardley
William Ellis
David Elwell
Ranger Farrell
Sverre Fehn
Jay Fellows
Jay Fleischman
Todd Fouser
John Fowler
Kenneth Frampton
James Ingo Freed
Robert Freeman
Guillermo Jullian de la Fuente
David Gersten
Ludwig Glaeser
Alexander Gorlin
Remo Guidieri
Charles Gwathmey
Janis Hall
George Harrison
John Hawkes
Lee Francis Hodgen
Ann-Sofi Holst
Peter Hopper
Robert James
Christopher Janney
Eugene J. Johnson
Ruben Jorsling
Iris Josephson
Louis Katsos
Jeffrey Kipnis
Steven Kiviat
Josef Paul Kleihues
Edward Knowles
Rolando Kraeher
Etel Thea Kramer
Daniel Laitin
Arthur M. Lawrence
Thomas Leeser
Lars Lerup
Paul Lewis
Oswaldo Lourenso
Thomas W. Luckey
Frank Lupo
Andrew MacNair
Harry Mahler
Francesco Mancini
Silvian Marcus
Robert McAnulty
Lorna McNeur
Richard Meier
Carl Meinhardt
Peter Millard
Mariano Molina
Jospeh Raphael Moneo
Toshiko Mori
Michael Morris
Thomas Müller
Jun Murakami
John Murray
Julian J. Neski 
Deborah Nevins
Dario Nuñez
Arthur Nusbaum
Elizabeth O’Donnell
Franz Oswald
Christopher Otterbein
Jose Oubrerie
David Oxman
Anik Person
Gaetano Pesce
James S. Polshek
Ahmad Rahimian
George Ranalli
Dagmar Richter
John T. Roberts
David Roessler
Aldo Rossi
Bernard Rothzeid
Lindy Roy
Irwin Rubin
Jospeh Rykwert
David Schaff
John C. Schiff
Jon Michael Schwarting
Alan Schwartzman
Massimo Scolari
Luciano Semerani
Adi Shamir
D. Grahame Shane
David Shapiro
Lyndsay Shapiro
Pedro Sifre
Joel Silverman
P. Adams Sitney
Lee Skolnick
Michael Sorkin
Herman D.J. Spiegel
Bernard Spring
Harry Spring
W. Todd Springer
Richard Stapleford
Richard Stein
Bertrand Strecker
Leonard Stokes
Edvin K. Stromsten
Richard Taransky
Astri Than
Susana Torre
Fred Travisano
Bernard Tschumi
Billie Tsien
Anne G. Tyng
Gino Valle
Donald Wall
Allan Wallis
John T. Walsh
Joan Waltemath
Michael Webb
Irving Weiner
Herbert Weinstein
Craig Whitaker
Norval White
Tod Williams
Leroy Wilson
Suzan Wines
Peter Wolf
Lebbeus Woods
Judge Bruce Wright
Guido Zuliani