• Charles Krekelberg, ARCH 131 Design III, 1994-95, spring.
  • Lorna McNeur, ARCH 111 Architectonics, 1976-77.
  • Michaela Fruhwirth and Koukaba Mojadidi, ARCH 121, Design II, 1997-98, spring.
  • Theresa Roach and Victoria Tentler, ARCH 141 Design IV, 1995-96, fall.
  • Edward Arcari, ARCH 151 Thesis, 1985-86, spring.

The Student
Work Collection

An archive of student design projects dating from the 1930’s through the present. This material documents over 4,000 student projects spanning more than eight decades of architectural pedagogy at The Cooper Union. As a whole, these records provide a comprehensive narrative of the School’s evolving and influential approach to architectural education.

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