The story of America is the story of immigration. Immigrants created this country and continue to contribute to its success. They have been drawn here for hundreds of years and will continue to make their mark on American society while preserving their traditions and culture. Immigration and the tensions that immigrants feel between identity and assimilation is the focus of this project. My three immigrant grandfathers each came to New York to find a better life. Emigrating from Armenia, Italy and Ireland at different times and for different reason. Thrust from their homelands, they came to America to create something new. The thesis is focused on the creation of three social programs by each immigrant, a Wall, a Market and a Church that contribute to this enclave for immigrants. There are also individual programs for each immigrant in the creation of specific Gates which celebrate the immigrants unique cultural identity. The overall program is carefully composed to balance the social programs that contribute to the city and areas of individuality as represented by the Gates. This thesis celebrates my immigrant grandfathers, but it is a celebration for all of us who trace our lives and happiness to those brave souls who risked everything for a better life in this country.
The Triad of My Identity/Ethnic-City
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Somewhere in New York City and Everywhere in America
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