Distaff.Top to bottom and clockwise in group of four: Distaff, section vertical; timber structure plan; clay structure plan; glass structure plan; metal structure plan.Distaff section.Angel's wing turning the distaff that molds the earth.Clockwise from top: The maker; dry well; stair/dry well; earth/water/air/fire; spiral memory of angel's wings (center).Distaff plan (top); Partial plan of House for Memory, showing dry well, oil and water well and a tower.Clockwise from top: Birth plan; dry well plan earth structure; Balance plan; water and oil well plan; the making of the spiral for the House of Memory plan (center).[BLANK][BLANK][BLANK]Model detail.[BLANK]Models.Models.[BLANK]Reference reproduction, " Master Manole and Monastery of Arges."Installation polaroid.
The Seraph's Distaff
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