Site plan; city /sieve, 14th street to Houston Street, Avenue B to Avenue D.Ground Plan, Passage.First floor plan, Bridge and Garden Keeper.Second floor plan, Guest.Third floor plan, Guest.Final model.Final model, view from the west.Final model, view from the south, Houston Street.Final model.Study model, House/Filter. 1/4" =1'0"Study model, House/Filter. 1/4" =1'0" Study model, House/Filter. 1/4" =1'0"  Study model, House/Filter. 1/4" =1'0" Study model, House/Filter. 3/32" =1'0", view from the south. Installation view.
What is a house? This project is an attempt at examining the intimate condition of a 400 square foot dwelling in relation to the city. These things may seem far apart but are in fact highly dependent on each other. Through my investigations, I have come to understand the city as an intimate space, and the house as a gate to a larger world.
The Nomad in the City: Gatehouse for an Urban Interior
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Program TypesArchitectural ElementsSite
East Village near Avenue D and East Houston Street, New York, United States
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