Unmetrical rhythm: arbitrary territory.3/4 rhythm: serpents egg, triangle configuration. 4/4 rhythm: settled blossoming, square configuration. Top to bottom: section and plan, "Snake and the Moon."Snake and the Moon.Single line: pulse. Double line: space. Square and its shift.Musical gravity. Musical gravity pulses. Snakes in Space. Model 2.Model 2. Model 6.Model 6. Model 8, Solid Sound. Venus. Controlled Rhythm, Add-Subtract, detail of model 2Cave, detail of model 3. Push-Pull / Undulation, front view of Model 4.Push-pull / flat face, rear view of Model 4. 1/4 Removed, Inverted Symmetry, elevation view of Model 4.  Initial Split, plan view. Angel's Wings, detail of Model 4.Hell's Gate, A Tribute, detail of Model 4.Rugged Terrain, detail of Model 4. Half Open / Lock-Interlock,  detail of Model 4.  The Snake Within, shadow model. Flowing Façade, shadow model. City-Scape, all models. Tower. 14th century wall painting, Karlštejn Castle, Beaked Flute.14th century wall painting, Karlštejn Castle.14th century wall painting, Karlštejn Castle, Cromorne with Bladder and Shepherd's Horn. 14th century wall painting, Karlštejn Castle,  bladder pipe.14th century wall painting, Karlštejn Castle.Installation polaroids
To wed architecture and music programmatically, an experimental sound studio was conceived. This program creates the possibility of experimentation in music as well as in architecture. Within the transformed solid, a hollowed void or voicing space allows sound and the body to dwell.
Sound Snakes Space
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Program TypesArchitectural Elements
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