Site plan.Party walls.Stations: armature studies.Housing, shifted plans.Housing, elevation.First floor plan/ elevation.Roof plan / elevation and fifth floor plan / elevation.Section, station three, housing, kindergarten, open theater. Section, station one, housing, public garden, chamber.Section, station two, corridor, greenhouse, library. Section, infastructure.Model, plan view.Model, elevation view.Site model.Section model at station one.Section model elements and armature.Stations.Opening the armature.
Party walls are taken as the fundamental structure of adjacent buildings and used as instruments for de-laminating the solid faces of the block. Instead of filling in between them, each composite wall is redefined as a frame or armature off of which living spaces can be blown. Again the three components of the cavity wall are isolated and rewoven as skin, cavity and structure.
Social Housing in Harlem
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Any block in Harlem, New York, United States
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