Cross section, ship ornament and study of ship construction.Map number one,  attempt to show subjective time representations ( the sun, the moon, flowers etc) on a two dimensional surface.Map number two, study of different projections to represent a spherical object.The Globe, a log book of subjective and objective observations.The Globe, as the sun flower sinks behind the horizon, the moon takes her place, reacting and traveling across the sky.Gyroscope globe, 25 inch radius, nine interior laminated frames, four fiberglass cold molded sheets providing the shell.Globe detail, showing the method and details of construction materials and joinery.Globe detail, The dolphin presenting the water line of the vessel, intersecting the movement of the sun, in turn fading into the cycles of the moon.Instruments for drawing, straight rulers and triangles did not work on curved surfaces.The globe, sunflower opening and closing across nautical time as a representation of real time.One seashell with lemons.Driftwood banana.One seashell with lemons.Study of a lime, protective shell, fragile interior. A shell covering to protect from a hostile environment.[BLANK][BLANK]
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