Plan. Plan.  Plan.  Plan.  Plan.   Plan.    Plan.  Plan.  Plan.  Plan.  Model, plan view. Author text, Theresa Roach and Victoria Tentler, ARCH 141 Design IV, 1995-96F
There are two major principles of conventional urbanism, defined by Colin Rowe as "the old city" and "the new city". The paradigm of the old city is the Roman Forum; it is characterized by a "fixation" on the public space, whereas the surrounding buildings just serve as a frame for it. The new city's model is Athenian Acropolis, which is characterized by a "fixation" on the objects of the city, while the public space has a role of a backdrop (or a frame). The project, through its architectural language, is a critique of both principles and an attempt to create a new form of urbanism that can operate within a context of political and historical references.
Piranesi Project
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