Plan of landscape. Plan, house in landscape. Plan, house in landscape.  Plan, study 1/4":1'Plan, study 1/4":1' Plan, study 1/4":1'  Plan, detail of house. Section, 1/4":1'  Study elevation, 1/4":1'  Elevation, house in landscape.Study elevation, 1/4":1'   Elevation detail, 1/4":1'   Site model. Model, house detached from the site. Model, site detail.Model, floor.Model, ceiling. Model, elevation view. Model, elevation view.  Study model, 1/4 ":1'Study model, 1/4 ":1' Study model, 1/4 ":1'
Nomads commitment to wander from one place to another was an act of defying the permanency of history, and the notion of dwelling as an act of settlement. Thus, House for Nomad abandons the traditional notion of house, and it serves as a mediator of Plan/Section, Gravity/Structure, Monument/Miniature, Heaven/Earth.
Nomad House
Academic Year
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