Night study.Night study. Night study. Night study.Site study. Site study.  Site study.  Site plan.Plan, Theatre at Nathaniel Moore Street.Plan, Theatre at Nathaniel Moore Street.Section.Elevation.Elevation.Axonometric, Act Two.Axonometric, Act One.Site study, Staple Street - overhead bridge.Site study, warehouse front. Installation polaroids.
I began by studying the night. I believe that night = midwife. She delivers a child that is different from its parents (day) but the child is inertly the same. The line between a theatrical space and its Architecture has always been thinly veiled. "Theater" has been viewed as a mere container of the stage . I'm proposing that the event is the play.
Night Theater
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Program TypesArchitectural ElementsSite
Nathaniel (North) Moore Street, New York, New York, United States
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