The project as given was to pick a house designed by Adolf Loos and do an analysis of it. The first part was to draw all plans, sections, elevations and build a model of the house in order to obtain a good understanding of how the building worked. Then an analysis in model of specific tropes of the house you were looking at were to be explored. The house I looked at was the Moisi house....The next phase of the project was to take the aspects of Loos looked at in the analysis and apply them to a house of our own. We had to pick a client. I chose Jim Jarmush, the filmmaker. I made a house for him based on a central wall. The specifics of the project are rooted in three things: how the wall undulates, how the different spaces around the wall relate to it, and the stairs rotation around and up the wall.
Analysis: Adolf Loos, Moisi House and House Design for Jim Jarmucsh
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Lido, Venice, Italy
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