City edge, beginning of canal procession.City edge,  horizontal section below ground.Lake edge, stable ground / burial mound / horizontal section above ground through burial mound.Section perpendicular  to canal at city edge. Section perpendicular  to canal at city edge, 80 years later. Section perpendicular  to canal through burial mound. [BLANK][BLANK][BLANK][BLANK][BLANK][BLANK][BLANK][BLANK][BLANK][BLANK][BLANK][BLANK][BLANK][BLANK][BLANK][BLANK][BLANK][BLANK][BLANK]
The ground of Mexico City is specific, and can be engaged as a spatial event, which unfolds over time. The junction between space and ground is not fixed. An architecture, which negotiates between: geometry, inhabitation, life, imprint, and time.
Mexico City: Engaging the Fluid Ground
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Mexico City, Mexico
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