Site plan of Florida, showing Merritt Island in the center. First pastel drawing, possible plan for the library.Pastel drawing of possible library. Detail of entry condition, with guard tower at forefront.Initial drawing of architectural condition for library.Initial drawing of architectural condition for library, opposite side from D06.Pastel of library done prior to building a model. Basement plan.First floor plan.Roof / Second floor plan.Sections looking south.Conceptualizations of town. Conceptualizations of town.Conceptualizations of town. Conceptualizations of town.  Collage.[BLANK][BLANK]Model, detail. Model, detail.Model, detail.Model, detail. Model, detail. Model, detail. Model, detail. Site photo.Site photo. Site photo. Site photo.  Outer space.Installation Polaroids.
This thesis examines the individual space in correlation to the whole space it is contained in. I wanted to show that while each space acts as an individual entity.
Library of Exploration
Problem Type
Program TypesArchitectural ElementsSite
Merritt Island, Florida, United States
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