Site: plan / section.Site: planLandscape at two scales/ orchard site.Landscape at two scales/ forest site.House at intersection of four landscapes/ elevation- plan.House at intersection of four landscapes/ plan - projection.Collage / plan.Collage / plan.Vertical Landscape- Library / Field wall.[BLANK]Maddening Honey - eight kinds of earth.From the beauty of the American landscape.Forty one varietiesA country where trees.The diversity or the color of the eyes.What things.[BLANK][BLANK][BLANK][BLANK]Drying box for roses and two drying boxes for pear.Drying box for roses and two drying boxes for pear.Color xerox.Color xerox.Horizontal section.plan.Color xerox.Table.Color xerox.Color xerox.Color xerox.Window.Field.Vertical section.Detail.Color xerox.Color xerox.Reflection.
Landscapes/Still Lifes
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