Site plan for neighborhood. Plan, house and neighborhood. West elevation, Bedroom wall and almond tree. Sections looking east, bathroom and living/ kitchen.Sections looking north, bedroom and almond tree. Section looking south, bathroom and corridor.Section looking north, entrance and kitchen. Detail section, entrance and bathroom.Detail section,  through bedroom and almond tree. Detail section, living space. Section looking east, bedroom and almond tree, conceptual sketch at lower left.Drawing and poem, Is the Man the Tree of the Field. Model, House of the Almond Tree. Model, House of the Almond Tree, elevation view. Model, House of the Almond Tree, detail. Model, House of the Almond Tree, detail.Model, House of the Almond Tree, elevation view.Model, House of the Almond Tree, detail.Model, doorknob.Model, doorknob detail.Installation photograph.
The house is first conceived in sections; The body's movements and needs describe walls, plinths and apertures. The geometry gives the plinths, walls and apertures order. When the body-geometry moves Front, Back, Right, Left, Up and Down move with it. The body is transient and therefore the sections are transient too.
House of the Almond Tree
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