Site.Night Horizon.A view of the stars.Stars' view of us.The cube.The four seasons.The cycle of the four seasons.A rotation of the stairs.The horizon.The seed.The roots.The stem.The fruit.The pepper-the fruit, horizontal section.The pepper, the fruit-vertical section.The eggplant-the stem, horizontal section.The eggplant-the stem, vertical section.The pea-the seed, horizontal sectionThe pea-the seed, vertical section.The carrot-the root, horizontal section.The carrot-the root, vertical section.Growth of the seed.The stair tower, the stem, contains the water for the house.The house.Spring.Summer.Autumn.Winter.The stone wall that follows the road.The road.The stones.The pepper plant.The stone fireplace.Stone wall.My treehouse.
House for Four Sisters
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