[BLANK]Plan, light study showing vertical spacing densities. Elevation: 200'.Plans. Plan, entrance level, museum space and longitudinal section north wall.Left: Plan of second level museum space and longitudinal section of center wall. Right: Plan of first level museum space and cross section of center wall. Model, plan view. [BLANK]Model, elevation view. Model, elevation view.
A series of images and texts influence the design for Brancusi's house. The analysis is based on viewing the work exhibited in museums and recorded in books. The design for the house is an attempt to understand what defines the sculptor in the man. The task is to create a space that reflects on the work of the man and the life of the sculptor. And, in addition, to incorporate this space in the New York skyline.
House for Constantin Brancusi
Problem Type
Program TypesArchitectural ElementsSite
New York City, New York, United States
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