Regents of Space.Yantra.Lotuserpent.Lingo Bhava.Sri Yantra.Contextual section painting.Contextual plan painting.Lotus drawing.Sri Yantra in the earth's mid section painting.[BLANK][BLANK][BLANK][BLANK]Vatsu-Purusha Mandala.Traveling Creche.Traveling Creche.The Temple.The Temple.Temple model element.Temple model element.Temple model element.Temple model element.The Garden House.Sri Yanka "sensitive points"Site.Pineapple.Dried fruit.Dried fruit.[BLANK][BLANK][BLANK]
This work is dedicated to the spirits of those that were killed by the bombing of PanAm flight 103, 259 on board and 11 people on the ground. To the lives that were stilled and to the life that still lives on.
Garden, House of Worlds
Faculty Text
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