The grape seed's view of his world.Study of a fractal planning automata of the single/pair triad.Study of the growth and accommodation of Three Grapes.RibosomeOne hour's drive / one hour's walk map.The kitchen transformation in section, Cook House.Work House, section.Work House, road elevation.Seed House, section.Seed House, front elevationSeed House, side elevation.Site section, perpendicular to road.Site section, rock walls perpendicular to road.Plan study.Plan study.Plan study.Plan study.Texas House in projection.Texas House in projection.Plan study.Community plan study, from DNA replication.Work House study (road dust study).Community plan study, from DNA recombination.A Town Formed of Affinities (from protein folding)Community of Sunday HousesTwo Sunday Houses in conversation.The Vineyard.The Public Library.The School House.Plan for Sisterdale as Recombinant DNAMy father's orchard (evolution study).Site photo, upland ashe juniper.Entrance Road.The Edwards Uplift (balcones escarpment).High Plains.The Spring.The Spring.Shade.A Taste of Wine.[BLANK]The Kitchen.The ashe juniper (juniper ashei)The ashe juniper (juniper ashei)The ashe juniper (juniper ashei)End of year installation detail.Red oak tree.Site photo, bottom land cypress.Site photo, upland live oak.Still life drawing.Internal structure of a grape.Study of early stages of embryonic development.Fermentation study, aerobic fermentation.Fermentation study, anaerobic fermentation.Base pairs, cytosine.Base pairs, guanine.Base pairs, adenine.Base pairs, thymine.
A Texas House
Problem TypeProgram TypesArchitectural Elements
Southeast Texas, United States
Faculty Text
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