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A fifth year thesis to develop a new courthouse facility in Lewisburg, West Virginia. Lewisburg is a small city of approximately 3800 people and is the seat of Greenbrier County in southern West Virginia. The new Greenbrier County courthouse is positioned in the center of a commercial block near the existing courthouse. The site includes a used car dealership and hardware store, as well as other retail and commercial establishments. It is bounded on one side by the Old Stone Church and its cemetery, on another side by a small Carnegie Hall and technical college, and by other retail and commercial blocks on the remaining two sides. The new courthouse consists of two circuit courts, a magistrate court, and a four structure archive and administration building. The new courthouse is sited as an intervention next to and within the fabric of the existing commercial infrastructure. The court structures seek to describe a theatrical narrative that develops as part of the formal justice process.
Courthouse for Lewisburg, West Virginia
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Lewisburg, West Virginia, United States
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