Architectural circulation structure of the Park. Hierarchy of paths and roads; veins and arteries.Veins and arteries of the park.Architectural elements within the park.Neighborhoods of the park denoted by specifically different landscapes 
as identified in Olmsted’s writings on the design of the park.
The island within the park (defined by the Main Drive) showing clearly, the core and periphery condition.Island(s) within the park defined by the Main Drive; showing water between the ‘green island’ and the city boundary walls. Transverse roads as bridges to the (across island) metaphorical island embedded within the park plan. Diagonal axis through the park.Investigation of structures defined by diagonal grid in the park; and exploring the intrusion of the grid within the park, in juxtaposition with the park's existing architectural elements.Model, plan view.Model, side view.
The Central Park project discovers the existence of the plan of New York City embedded within the plan of Central Park.
Central Park City
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Central Park, New York, United States
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