Section through calabash tree, first site drawing.Eyes mask, beginnings of house, site drawing #2Rooftop horizon.First gathering space.First House of Mother.First House of Daughter.First Calabash House.Elevation of Calabash House.Vertical section, House of Mother.Vertical section, water tower and shower.Vertical section, House of Daughter with Calabash Tree.Section through The Gathering Space.Calabash Tree.Roof plan.Plan and five feet.Plan at two and half feet.Plan of The Gathering Space.Still life.1/4" plan of House of Daughter.1/4" plan of House of Mother.1/4" vertical section through House of Mother.Section through retaining wall and roof.Early site drawing #1.Early site drawing #2.Site drawing #3.Green still life.
The conception of my project was to take this fruit, the calabash, and study it within the landscape in the purest form of 'still-life'. What one learns from this exploration of fruit and still life transforming into house takes on many developments and metamorphoses.
Calabash House
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San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago
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