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Program: bridge for vehicles and pedestrians Site: Navigable river 800 ft •. wide, eastern U.S.A. Atlantic coastal plain; required clearance 150 ft. above mean high water Dimensions: total length 7950 ft. between abutments; width 103 ft. at deck; max. span 900 ft. (135 ft. rise); max. height above footings 155 ft. at center span parapet Structural system: a series of 3-hinged steel truss-arches with balancing cantilevers, supporting continuous beam reinforced concrete decks Live Loads: highway - max. static and moving loads as per American Association of State Highway Officials (AASHo)· specifications; pedestrian - 100 lbs./sq.ft.; wind - 50 lbs./sq. ft. materials and construction: truss chords - rolled wide-flange shapes and welded box sections of high strength corrosion-resistant steel; joints - prefabricated, joined to chords with high strength bolts; decks - lightweight reinforced concrete prefabricated in 100 ft. sections, with non-structural concrete and asphaltic toppings Lighting: highway - continuous fluorescent fixtures recessed into side barriers; pedestrian path - spaced cylindrical fixtures recessed into parapet
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a navigable river 800 feet wide, Atlantic coastal plain, eastern United States
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