Analysis of piano remnant  object found on site. Plan at tower wings.Plan at tower wings. Plan at pedestrian walkway.Longitudinal section. Model, plan view. Model, plan view. Model, elevation view.  Model, elevation view.  Model, detail. Model, detail.Model, detail. Model, detail.  Model, detail.  Model, detail.   Model, detail.  Author text, Anik Pearson, Miriam Shahjahan, Marie Souffrant and Nathaniel Worden, ARCH 141 Design IV, 1993-94, spring.
The site is a 500x500 foot square located on the Harlem River, at the 3rd Avenue bridge gateway to Manhattan. The car and the road on which it travels thus figures prominently in the scheme. The structure is an extension and an acceleration of the city grid outward from the Harlem river. The reflection of the river's edge is manifested in the internal reflection of the site ramp about the horizon. The structural towers are physical frames whose configuration adapts to the section of the site on which they are erected, and suspends the housing units as elements of bridging. The car acts as a circulation shear which translates vertically throughout the whole structure, across which the units bridge.
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