Plan. Plan. Section.Plan.Section.Section. Section.  Section.Axonometric and plans. Model, plan showing linear projection of walls. Model, plan showing  artificial lighting form transitional spaces at market level. Model, plan showing light study on field. Model, plan showing  interaction between lighting conditions above and below grade. Model, plan showing  linear projection of walls and entrances to market and housing levels. Model, plan showing above grade housing on new field. Author text, Cliff Bollmann, Frank Kiernan, Lavinia Pana and Emorphylli Panteliadis, ARCH 141 Design IV, 1993-94, spring.
The railroad flat- an icon of Manhattan's history that has dissipated on this particular site due to the construction of the Manhattan Bridge. The bridge creates a field that is so powerful that nothing seems to be able to exist under it. The desire is to create another field rooted from the memory of the site so that the space under the bridge can be reborn. The railroad flat is the field.
Problem TypeProgram TypesArchitectural ElementsSite
Under Manhattan Bridge, New York City, United States
Author Text
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