Plan, The Patriarchal Spaces.Section, The Patriarchal Spaces.Plan, Mark of Abraham.Section, Mark of Abraham.Section, First Pillar.Plan, Mark of Abraham.Section, Shapes of Angels.Section, Stair Towers / Marks of Concavities / The Seven Angels.Column.Is a wall.Is a city.The Fired Pot Protects the Red Pigment of the Earth,Widow(er) [Witness],Widow(er) [Witness].Sister.BrotherDaughter.Son.Elevation, Angel Space model.Plan,  Angel Space model including, The Fired Pot Protects the Red Pigment of the Earth, Father, Mother, Brother and Sister,Widow(er) [Witness], daughter and son.Self portrait.Armature.Armature.Armature.Installation.House-Housing/ soul-body.The First question: where art thou?Second question: Where is your brother?Third question: The conception of Issac " Where is (the woman) your wife?Jacob wrestles the angel.13 parts of a circle.Plan/section/elevation/site.Potter's Barn/ The Black Bird.Flat Still Life ( The Eighth Day).Man circles woman (Idea).The snake and the soul breath enter the newborn (Rose).Section is male / Plan is female ( Thought Column).Jacob's perfection.Trinity apple / rose / woman (Will).The snake hides within the folds of community (armature)Potter's barn / the kiln (form).
Angel Space: A Potter's House
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