Construction of ancient city, 1758.Construction of ancient city, 1758.Construction of ancient city, 1900.Construction of ancient city, 1900.Bund ( British settlement) 1950.Explosion / composition of ancient city, 1800- present. Explosion of Bund onto Huang- Pu RiverSite plan.Plan / section of landscape / dwelling. Axonometric of habitations, basin, and any infrastructure. Site plan section showing housing beginning in the low lying industrial areas bordering the Huang-Pu.Worm's eye axonometric of frame and brackets, reconstruction.Axonometric of service core / vertical circulation column.  Housing proposal, wood frame dwelling.  Housing proposal, masonry dwelling.
Analysis of wall sections in ancient city and British settlement of Shangai, revealing change from an agrarian to modern society. Habitation proposal for housing agrarian land fragments over Huangpu River.
Analysis: Shanghai and Urban Reconstruction
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Shanghai, China
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