Model, Barcelona Pavilion.Model, Barcelona Pavilion, plan view. Model, Barcelona Pavilion, plan view.Model, Barcelona Pavilion, plan view. Models, pinhole cameras.Models, pinhole cameras. Models, pinhole cameras.  Models, pinhole cameras. Pinhole camera photograph, Barcelona Pavilion.Pinhole camera photograph, courthouse I.Pinhole camera photograph, courthouse II.Pinhole camera photograph, courthouse III.
The semester began with drawing and model documentation of the projects. These produced an inquiry into the perception of an observer inhabiting the spaces. Using a pinhole camera, I photographed the models to capture the perspective space from the observer's viewpoint. A point of light enters through the small hole creating a whole world of illusion, a reflected image transforming the real into the representation of the real.
Analysis: Mies van der Rohe, Barcelona Pavilion
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Barcelona, Spain
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