Life Stages: A Painting in 4 Directions, North-South-East-West.Emily Dickinson's Voyage of Home. Model, Hands.Model, Hands and Roses.Model, Hands and Roses. Model, Hands and Roses.  Sketch Model.Sketch Model.Sketch Model.Sketch Model.Sketch Model.Sketch Model.Sketch model. Sketch model. Sketch Model.Sketch model. Sketch model. Sketch model.  Model, Tapestry.Model, Tapestry. Transformations: The Blossoming of Flowers. From top to bottom: A Rose is a rose is a rose; Ball of Raw Silk; Emily Dickinson's Globe.Plans and sections, Possibility. Plans and sections, Possibility.  From left to right: The silkworm's cocoon; Emily Dickinson's Web; Linen, A Section Through a Flax Plant. I Dwell in Possibility.I had not minded- Walls-[BLANK]Scroll of Voices.
This thesis is inspired by the poetry of Emily Dickinson and the ever-expansive world of language she inscribed for herself despite the limits of her physical and social life in New England.
Weaving Walls
Faculty Text
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