John Fowler / 9 projects

John Fowler (~1934–1975) was an American architect and an educator who taught at The Cooper Union and the Yale School of Architecture. Fowler maintained a private practice, wrote numerous articles, and won a number of professional awards, including an honor award from the American Institute of Architects. He worked in Paul Rudolph’s office on the design and construction phases of the Yale A+A Building (now Paul Rudolph Hall). He also designed houses and interiors and was one of the five finalists in the Yale Math Building Design Competition. In 1969 he received a Progressive Architecture Design Award for the Klema House in Seal Harbor, ME—featured as the cover story of the May 1971 issue of Progressive Architecture—and in 1971 he won the interior design award at Architectural Design magazine for his work on a popular Yale gathering spot in the university's main dining hall.

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