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Bernard Rothzeid (1925–2009) was a New York-based architect. He was a pioneer in the adaptive reuse of existing structures, an innovator in new apartment house construction, an accomplished designer of performing arts facilities, and an expert in health-care facility planning and design.

Rothzeid was born in Brooklyn and, after Army service during WW II, he graduated from The Cooper Union in 1949 and MIT in 1954. He was a Fulbright Scholar in Rome, and following his return to New York he became a project architect at I.M. Pei and Partners. In 1963 he founded his own architectural firm, which in 1981 became Rothzeid Kaiserman Thomson & Bee (RKT&B).

Rothzeid was elected as a Fellow of the AIA in 1979. In 1986 he received the Augustus Saint Gaudens Award from The Cooper Union, where he was a design studio critic in the mid-1960s. He also taught at the City College School of Architecture and served on the boards of The Cooper Union, New York Methodist Hospital, and the Citizen's Housing and Planning Council.

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